Construction Project Management and Owners Representation

Effectively managing a construction project takes a diverse range of talent and experience. This is especially true when incorporating green building initiatives into development, which requires increased skill, communication and scheduling between the various subcontractors. 

Junto collaboratively works with management companies and building owners to represent their prime interests in all matters relating to construction projects. This includes coordinating the design, procuring contractors and materials, negotiating and administering contracts, budgeting, scheduling, site management, compliance assurance, project controls and delivery. 

Due to our heavy exposure working with contractors in New York, we are in a unique position to assemble and manage highly reliable teams of contractors for any construction-related project. We are confident in the contractors we include on a project because we have seen their work first-hand and, in many cases, have analyzed their back-end operations. The gamut of HVAC, plumbing, electrical, solar, water management, retrofitting and remediation contractors we work with comprise some of the most dependable and capable contractors in the region.