Operational Management Consulting for Construction Contractors

Good operational management refers to the administration of business practices which creates the highest level of efficiency possible within a company. Its primary benefits are decreased waste and increased profits. It also allows business owners to focus on the big picture and fulfill their vision for the company’s growth.  

Junto assists contractors of all trades by improving their business operations in vital areas, such as accounting, dispatch, inventory, customer service, human resources and marketing. Our approach involves gaining a thorough understanding of a company and its goals, identifying key operational deficiencies and fertile areas for growth, providing a detailed business design plan and timeline, managing the implementation process and monitoring to ensure effective change. 

Junto also helps contractors increase their revenues by developing or expanding their services in the energy efficiency and sustainability fields. This includes educating contractors on the subsidy and incentive programs available to their clients, designing and implementing services which address these programs and building the infrastructure necessary to thrive in this essential market.