Benchmarking & Auditing

Benchmarking and auditing informs owners of their building’s systems and envelope performance. They are the essential first steps in reducing resource consumption and identifying conservation and incentive opportunities, while ensuring compliance with Local Laws 84 and 87 of Plan NYC’s Greener Greater Buildings Plan.

Junto manages all benchmarking and auditing processes, from the initial walk-through to post-action monitoring and verification. We use EPA’s ENERGY STAR® Portfolio Manager and other tools to track energy and water use and to assess building performance. This allows owners to make informed decisions, which prioritize conservation measures and yield the highest operational cost savings. It may also allow owners to gain recognition through EPA’s ENERGY STAR® rating system.

Junto is accredited by the Building Performance Institute, with team members holding specialty certifications in multifamily building analysis and envelope performance. Junto is also a member of ConEd’s Green Team, and is registered by NYSERDA as a Home Performance with ENERGY STAR® Contractor.